Warm tears are running down my cheeks as I type this entry.

Hurt. Cause you can’t get the acknowledgment, trust and faith you wished you could get from the very people you care the most. And it’s just isn’t there.

Helplessness. Cause you want to get the acknowledgment, trust and faith but you can’t do it at the moment. At this very instant. You really really want to but just can’t…for now.

Fear. What ifs. What if you can’t prove yourself. What if you failed. What if you can’t live up to whatever you claim you can be. Not that you don’t believe you in yourself but it’s also so important for the people you love to believe in you. Because at the very end of the day, we…are just these really fragile beings that want to live up to expectations, to prove ourselves and perhaps to provide a reason for people to love us.

I am standing at this crossroads now. Not the usual cross-shaped crossroads but crossroads within crossroads. In fact it looks more like an asterisk and I am situated right in the centre. Lots of decisions. Choices. Expectations. Consequences.


Frankly. It’s freaking scary.

If you are someone with as many goals and ambition as me, I think you’ll know what I mean.

It’s possible to accomplish things alone. Definitely possible but not easy. But it would definitely help if the closest people around are supportive and that would provide you with more courage and confidence.

That boils down to FAITH.

What’s faith?

Faith occurs when one believes in something that cannot be seen or something which haven’t been actualize yet.

And it’s a really important component in life. In fact one of the most important and fundamental thing in life.

My life can vow for it. Faith.

I’ve always lived by it. And that’s the only reason I’ve lived.

No matter how many bad or unfortunate things can happen to me. By faith, by believing in there’s something good( that had not happen), I pulled through.

However having faith alone is not good enough.

Faith becomes even more powerful when more people believe in the same thing.It is a chain reaction akin to a chemical reaction.When a certain ingredient multiplies, it becomes stronger and the results will be more tremendous.

The world these days lack of faith. Be it in themselves or most of the cases, on others. Why is this so?

There are a number of reasons.

1. Jaded by life experiences.

2. Fear.

Actually I could probably list more reasons down but i realised that everything boils down to fear and…self.

When you don’t believe in someone, you are

  • afraid of getting hurt
  • afraid of being disappointed
  • afraid of giving too much of yourself which = afraid of getting hurt

The root of the such a faithless society is that the majority emphasizes too much on self-protection.

Protect your rights. Protect your well-being. Protect your heart.

If everyone’s so busy protecting themselves and giving so little of what they can give. Can’t really complain why the society is so screwed up these days.Lack of love, compassion, empathy, etc..etc..

Have you ever at some point of your life wished that a particular person or group of people would have had believed in you, trusted in you, basically have faith in you?

If yes, have a little faith in someone who needs that from you today.

PS: My tears have stopped running. For all those who can’t gain the faith from people you care about, you can still have faith in yourself.  Good things are still more infectious than the bad. Darkness ceased to survive where there’s light.

Faith is like the wind. You know when it’s there.

You can’t see it but you can feel it.