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I’ve always think I know.

What is love?

What is love to you?

Do we really know?

Hmm…something to ponder on..

Who ever said moving on is easy? Sometimes, the past just comes back and engulfs one in a strain of various emotions. If anyone has ever lost a loved one, a close friend, etc for some reasons, would probably know what I mean.

“Once in a while
You are in my mind
I think about the days that we had
And i dream that these would all come back to me
If only you knew every moment in time
Nothing goes on in my heart
Just like your memories
How I want here to be with you
Once more”

After all, it is unlikely not to miss someone whom you’ve spend almost a decade of your life with.

I don’t want to conceal these feelings. I want to confront it. It makes me vulnerable but so what? I’m only human.

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed”

2010 is a year that has been putting me through many changes and challenges. Whatever I’ve known, strongly believed in and expectations of life seem to be put to a test by people I meet and other circumstances.

I can’t help but to feel discouraged at times. Sometimes, I feel as if I am like a frail flower in the wind; trying to stay steadfast and not be blown away or be broken by the harsh surroundings.

And then I’ll think about all the things that I’ve already gone through and borrow some strength from it. I’ll constantly remind myself, repeating again and again in my head, ” You gotta remember that you are different. YOU ARE DIFFERENT. Don’t be swayed to bend or conform to the warped values and rules of the society.”

I think it works. Or rather it has always worked for me since I was a kid. For you guys who didn’t know, I went through quite a rough childhood and teenage-hood. It was really difficult to pull through at certain periods and really easy to just falter in one’s beliefs.

Life is not easy. It never is.

Nor life is fair. It never will be.

However we got to find strength within ourselves to fight the battle. We never really win but we will stop ourselves from caving in and being less than who we really are.

The problem with experience is that it gives you knowledge. And the knowledge is a double-edged sword, which can be beneficial at times however may also implant fear in one.

” In regards to the future, it’s a good thing that we do not know enough to be pessimistic”

Therefore the constant reminder of “You are different” to oneself does not work as effectively as it would when I was much younger and more innocent. So I add to the reminder to self that many extraordinary successful people have met with many obstacles and failures before arriving to what they have. Just like the quote:

“History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats. “ –B. C. Forbes

Therefore, if you ever feel too weary and am tempted to give up…DON’T!

The pain is natural and mixed feelings of disappointment, discouragement and unhappiness might occur but continue to persist on. I will never know what the future holds but all I know for now is that I won’t let anything pull me down. And so won’t you too! 🙂

“Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.”

There’s many things running through my head and I would really get them all out and share it with you guys here. However, as you know I’m feeling as exhausted as ever again and therefore gonna keep this entry short.

With the piling up of work responsibilities, I am struggling to keep a healthy balance between work, social life and my own personal time. I decided that I really have to do something about it. Better time management will surely least I think so. And with an organised time management will definitely be of a greater assistance, isn’t it so?

The ever resourceful as ever Google Queen that I am has combed through the net and decided that these planners are gonna be great for myself and anybody!

And I’m pleased to share with you guys…


A combination of weekly and daily planners below:

I’m sitting by the river, watching the world go by. Sometimes I really cherish times like this; there’s a special kind of serenity when one is at peace with himself and all that around.

I had been so busy lately that I missed my favourite evenings and sunsets. I love it when the sky is still blue and bright yet the sunlight’s gentle to the eyes. I love how the sunrays filter softly through the gaps of leaves. I love the orange hue that casts over the sky. I love the whole harmony of the evenings. It never fails to remind me of the one above.

Sometimes it’s really easy to be contented. A moment like this is one of the simplest pleasures of life.

The ability to just be still…not rushing, be rushed, not anxious, not desperate, not sad, feeling nothing at all but peace, can be such a joy.

Let me enjoy this while I can 🙂

Nothing beats the comfort of sinking into the soft contours of my bed.

It’s been another long exhausting day. I woke up early to prepare some work stuff and then rushed to meet my mother and stepdad ( who came down to visit from Bangkok). Hurried down for the meeting after lunch, and then left the meeting to get to the gallery to meet the various contractors for quotations.

After done with the meeting, I then took another cab down to my parent’s hotel to meet them where we proceeded to a shopping mall after. Okay there’s more traveling here and there in summarise everything, I just managed to get home at 11pm. Prepared some stuff and now it’s almost 1am!!! And I got work at 9am!

In case you are wondering…YES! I am extremely exhausted now!

The pace at work is increasing rapidly. Basically we got to get most things ready by end October and therefore, it’s pretty much on an accelerated ride now. The team decided to name the gallery with a name I suggested! And I am really delighted about it!’s still a secret for now. I shall reveal it soon after I finish designing the marketing collateral and get the website up which I think, would probably require another two weeks.

Right now, I got the contractors for interior design of the gallery, air-conditioning, and hanging system. I just need the lighting contractor  and wooooolaaaa…….and the gallery will be ready for renovation!

Alright, I better head off to catch my sleep now. I need as much energy as I can for another long day tomorrow!

Catch you guys soon! And yesssss it’s midweek again!!!

There’s a couple of things that I really need to correct in my life:

NUMBER 1: Be Organised


NUMBER 3: Stop Procrastinating to be organised

Seriously, I dare not step into my study( which is linked to my room via a walk-in closet) now or…for weeks. It looks like the aftermath of a clothing and books war. It started with clothes on the electrical keyboard and then progress onto the study chair. The virus spread to the luggage and finally my walk-in closet!!!


Please tell me that I am not the only one being traumatized by the clutter virus. I have this problem of keeping everything because I’d think to myself that I would have use for the items someday. And yes some did manage to come useful! Although there’s 90% which I had no use for over the past year.(Sheepish grin~)

And besides, having the endless piles of clothes to sort and iron…My tables are filled with stacks and stacks of documents, books, magazine, etc. There’s even a hammer (which I used to make a kaleidoscope for my boyfriend two months back)

I really believe that being organised is indeed an inborn talent and skill. Some people can just be organised so effortlessly and with such ease. For me, it is not impossible…however require huge amount of effort on my part. I wonder if it got to do with my upbringing? I’ve always had a helper at home till I was a teenager. Perhaps I’ve grown too reliant on external help.

Anyway I also believe that good habits can be and is never too late to be cultivated. Alright I am gonna eliminate this nasty virus as soon as possible. Just wait, and I shall post pictures of my real neat and organised “model” study for you guys to see.