Finding Clovers is a blog featuring topics on life, dreams, love and relationship (well…basically what an ordinary earthling will be concerned about). It will document my journey as I go finding clovers for each area of my life 🙂

While going through some difficult times, I’ve found it useful and also encouraging to read some articles related to my situation. Therefore Finding Clovers is a blog that I want to dedicate to be of some form of help, support and motivation to people who are also going through the same circumstances.

Everything here are my own personal records of my experiences, feelings, thoughts, opinions. (Reflections and findings actually)
You may find some things funny, or perhaps find yourself feeling similar on certain areas, and might also be offended by some things.
However do not take some things to heart because this is not a place that is meant to put people down.
Hope this could shed some light to someone’s life

Feel free to comment and share your views on the posts

♣Clover Girl