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Music can be very therapeutic in many ways. It helps one to sort out of emotions,  or even sort as a form of release especially when one can relate to the lyrics. Many months ago, I was doing a search on breakup songs (I know it seems kinda dumb but I was in quite a mess beginning of the year) and couldn’t really find a really nice list. Therefore I’ve decided to put up a list of it now that I am going through another one. Actually the songs are really nice to listen whether you are broken-hearted or not.

I’ll continue to update on this list and add more categories.


1. Alanis morrissette-Narcissus

Not exactly my favourite tune, but like the interesting lyrics. I’m sure most have met people as described in the song 🙂

2. Stacie Orrico – I’m Not Missing You

I would say this song sums up my romantic relationships this year.


3. Joy Williams – If You Wanna Go

I really like the melody and the simplicity of the lyrics. And it also captures the essence of my current breakup.


4. Letoya Luckett – Don’t Need You

Was on my constant playlist beginning of the year.Very nice motivational song with great bass. (Nice for runs)

5. Pussy Cats Dolls- Hush Hush Hush

Will always love this. Favourite song to dance to:)

6. Nelly- Just a Dream

Although I like the cover of it done by a girl on youtube much better.

7. Bruno Mars- Grenade

One of the latest songs at the moment. Easy to listen to.

8. Ne-Yo – Single

A good addition to the playlist with a nice rhythm.

9. Glen Hansard- Falling Slowly

Not exactly a breakup song but it has something very soothing about it. I love this song from the first moment I heard it few years back. Breakup or not.

10. On hold…


Time passed within a flick, I am currently working inside the gallery.

Setting up the Gallery

We’ve just moved into the gallery this week, working on makeshift tables and chairs as the furniture have yet to arrive. Have designed the namecards and flyers, and am now left with the brochure design. Currently, the gallery is not opened yet and therefore my working hours are pretty fixed, the usual 9-6 timing. However my boss has this brilliant idea that he wants the gallery to open when all the others are closed, so I’m afraid I might need to work till 9pm at night sometimes.

The first exhibition will be held in the mid of January and I am pretty excited about it. Mostly excited about the planning of a series of new workshops though. Will update on my ideas when i have something more concrete.

Nothing beats the comfort of sinking into the soft contours of my bed.

It’s been another long exhausting day. I woke up early to prepare some work stuff and then rushed to meet my mother and stepdad ( who came down to visit from Bangkok). Hurried down for the meeting after lunch, and then left the meeting to get to the gallery to meet the various contractors for quotations.

After done with the meeting, I then took another cab down to my parent’s hotel to meet them where we proceeded to a shopping mall after. Okay there’s more traveling here and there in summarise everything, I just managed to get home at 11pm. Prepared some stuff and now it’s almost 1am!!! And I got work at 9am!

In case you are wondering…YES! I am extremely exhausted now!

The pace at work is increasing rapidly. Basically we got to get most things ready by end October and therefore, it’s pretty much on an accelerated ride now. The team decided to name the gallery with a name I suggested! And I am really delighted about it!’s still a secret for now. I shall reveal it soon after I finish designing the marketing collateral and get the website up which I think, would probably require another two weeks.

Right now, I got the contractors for interior design of the gallery, air-conditioning, and hanging system. I just need the lighting contractor  and wooooolaaaa…….and the gallery will be ready for renovation!

Alright, I better head off to catch my sleep now. I need as much energy as I can for another long day tomorrow!

Catch you guys soon! And yesssss it’s midweek again!!!