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It’s always the littlest things that people forget.

But it’s always the littlest things that count.

My day started off slightly gloomly, affected by my colleague’s melancholy. The gloominess of the invisible sky above the crown of my head seemed to just aggravate as the day goes along, together with the “aura” emitted from her. I somewhat believe in positive/negative energy.

Anyway it had been a rather fruitful day of christmas gift shopping and catching up with dear people to me. This incident somehow revealed to me how blessed I am. I received facebook messages from friends I just met not too long ago, expressing their concern,regret and then support. It really touched my heart as they were so sweet and genuine although we did not have too many encounters with each other.

I am fortunate to have people around me who always believe in me and sees potential or capabilities when I could not see. It matters so much because it gives me an extra boost while I am struggling to live up to my own expectations to myself.

I feel sad for some people when they do not see the blessings they have in their life or the great people that they have around them. Do one really have to lose something to know the importance of it?

May I never take the littlest things for granted 🙂

What have we taken for granted?

The skies that are blue? Or the birds swirling around the fluffy white clouds. The trees that sway as the leaves sashay to the rhythm of the wind? The morning sun that filters through the gaps of the leaves, and then enters through the clear window, onto one’s cheek that it gently caresses?

What have we taken for granted?

The people walking at different pace; some in quick short steps and others in long steady strides? People laughing as their eyes twinkle with fine lines bordering the temple and people frowning with their eyebrows in a deep burrow.

What have we taken for granted?

The voice of a loved one in a dial; the ability to leave messages in every form. The friends who always pick up their phones and reply one’s messages; the friends who are always missing in action but turns up at the very critical moment when one needs him/her.

What have we taken for granted?

Parents who are always supportive and think too highly of their children; parents who are critical and always nagging but meant well. Parents who threaten to take everything away but still pay for everything in the end.

What have we taken for granted?

The ability to speak one’s mind, to see, to feel, to listen to the crickets which sing at night. The ability to chase for the bus, and type random tweets and updates. To wake up next to a significant other and be able to watch and hear his or her gentle breathing as his or her chest rises up and down.

What have we taken for granted?

The tears that sting one’s eyes, to feel the heart aching and in pain. The joy that overwhelms one’s heart and overrides all previous hurt. The ability to feel emotions and be human.

We who have eyes too often complain that the world is ugly.

We who have been hurt, find it hard to open up and love again. We people find plenty of masquerades for ourselves. We call it different things; we say we are just protecting ourselves, we say we are just wiser, we say we are more careful, we say we are more experienced. However the truth is that we are just masking our cowardice. Not being able to love again or be nice or be kind again because one is afraid to get hurt again, does not make us stronger, wiser or more mature.

And then we take the things around us for granted unknowingly. We take for granted the people who were genuinely kind to us, people who had potential to be our best friends or even lovers, people who accept us for who we are.

Have we taken communication for granted? How convenient it is to just ask someone how was his/her day, or to say thank you, to apologise, to say you miss them or to say you love them..but how often do we really do that?

What have we taken for granted?

” Good-byes make you think, they make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost, and what you’ve taken for granted.”


They are the most influential people of our lives and sometimes, even more than our own family.

I am sure that most of us are rather familiar with this saying: Many will walk in and out of your life but only some will leave footprints in your heart. Actually while looking back, I personally feel that most people do leave a trace in your life, be it pleasant or not.

I find that there’s a certain resemblance between relationships and gardening.

Every person we meet in life is like a seed.Given the right conditions such as timing, opportunities and chemistry, it provides the foundation for the seed ( relationship with that certain someone) to sprout. Of course the fertile soil isn’t everything for a seed to grow well. Sunlight (warmth) , water (care) and minerals (appreciation) are needed to ensure the growth of the seed. Later, the seedling would have grown into a young plant where it is susceptible to many external threats and harm. Aphids, fungus and weird diseases will begin to attack the young plant and often, the gardener only begin to notice when the plant is showing signs of sickness and deterioration.

It is not too late to either kill the aphids with pesticides or apply antibodies to the plant, however whatever measures taken requires time. Some plants will emerge stronger after the ordeal; some weakened slightly but with time, will grow to be strong again; some weakened for good and some just never made it through.

Later on the young plant would grow into an adult plant and its nature will be fixed by then.Whether it requires much attention,grooming, etc.. Just like how every person and relationship is different from the other, every species of plant is different from the other. And within the same species of plant, some are just grow better in certain soil and some don’t. Like how we need to work so hard to maintain some relationships and so effortless in others. Plants can never go without sunlight, water and minerals, the same as how every relationship needs constant warmth, care and appreciation. However some plants just requires great amount of all the necessities, or it will just collapse within a short while.

And it is really tiring for the gardener sometimes. So the question boils down to how much is it worth to keep that plant going? Is it the beauty of the flowers ( superficial reasons), sweetness of the fruits ( advantages/benefits), or just the satisfaction of keeping the plant alive ( attachment) that the gardener should continue to relentlessly care for the plant? Should the gardener just let that plant die?

Of course, there are also many plants that grew sturdy and strong despite frequent attacks from endless list of bugs and diseases. The gardener may even forget to water or nourish it from time to time, and they may lose their colour for while but these plants never wilt. They always survive long enough till the gardener takes notice of them again.

And despite having had many seeds that never sprout, or seedlings that never even made it to a young plant and plants that just wither on its own or plants that I’ve allowed to wilt, I am thankful that I have plants that are sturdy, strong and striving. Some have bore fruits and for those which haven’t, will bloom in time to come.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley