It always seems like..when one door closes another opens.

Though now it seems like the one of the doors is swinging from side to side, still uncertain if it will close or remain opened. However good news is that the other door is opened and I have made a choice to walk through it.

And so, I met up with the boss of the job I’ve decided to take up and got myself on board the team 🙂

It had been a tough decision choosing between the both startups and also to give up options with the MNCs.

But as the saying goes,

” If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

I’ll only be starting work officially next week, however will mostly be on my own for the first month. The job opportunity is a pretty unique one. Basically I am required to set up a multi-usage art gallery from scratch with the other team members. I will get my hands from planning the gallery layout, liaising with contractors, planning the marketing and branding strategies, preparing the marketing collateral, etc..

I will provide more details as I get on with the job. Meanwhile now, I have yet to turn down the other job offer. The other boss is a really pleasant person as well (have good rapport with too) and I knew how keen she was to have me on her team. She was willing to up the salary offer and also give in to my request of regular salary/incentive review based on performance. And this start-up is a F&B (food and beverages) venture and therefore it is extremely applicable to my family business.

The decision was tough as I weighed both pros and cons of each option. I chose the art gallery finally because it will expose me to setting up a business from scratch and also give me the experience of marketing to a niche market of clienteles. The contacts and network that I will meet during my course of job might also come valuable to me in the future.

However meanwhile, I also find that there’s a high growth opportunity in the f&b business and I am rather confident that I can market it very well to its target market. Perhaps I might suggest to do freelance marketing for the lady boss,  it would be an extremely interesting project.

Just when I was starting to feel demoralised, the course of things started to turn out well. I can’t deny that I’ve been blessed indeed! 🙂

And I love this…

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.”