As a child, I’ve always stood out more than my fellow peers due to my gregarious personality which was also fueled by the encouragement from my dad to voice my thoughts and opinions. While most kids were really quiet and shy on the first day of each school year( being in a new class and all) and could not wait to just quickly get over the introductory session, I was enthusiastic in introducing myself to the whole class and also those who sat around me. And so I went through Primary school( also known as elementary school) active in all school or class activities, always surrounded by a bunch of good friends. The emotional roller coaster which i went through since childhood and also my teenage years, had also pushed me to think differently from my peers later on. So the ability to “stand out”  and  “difference in thoughts” had sort of molded me in believing that I am a very unique individual( which I believe that most people think so of themselves).

I mean I still believe that I am unique as an individual and that everyone is also unique in their own ways. However in the recent months after having intense conversations with friends and random chats with strangers, the similarities and patterns got too much to ignore. I’ve realized that despite the personality difference between one person to another, when cast off the outer shield that we all don, we are pretty much the same. Most people ( belonging the same age group) have very similar needs, wants and also fears. And when breaking down all these, everyone is indeed quite similar.

Let’s do a breakdown of needs, wants and fears ( See how many you actually find yourself relating to)

Needs are basically very straightforward as everyone needs almost the same stuff. In fact the Masglow hierarchy of needs is a good illustration.

Masglow Hierarchy of Needs

List of  wants

  1. A good degree
  2. An interesting career
  3. A good car
  4. A nice house/apartment
  5. Singles: A good girlfriend/boyfriend/ potential spouse
  6. Get married
  7. Have kids
  8. Promotion at work
  9. Own business
  10. Early retirement
  11. More…

List of fears

  1. Fear of flying
  2. Fear of public speaking
  3. Fear of heights
  4. Fear of the dark
  5. Fear of rejection
  6. Fear of death
  7. Fear of intimacy
  8. Fear of failure
  9. Fear of commitment
  10. Fear of spiders/hamsters/cats/dogs/birds

So how many did you find yourself agreeing to?

The realization that people in general are more or less similar , has helped me to be even more accepting towards people and also breaks down the barrier of communicating to strangers or new friends.