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Time passed within a flick, I am currently working inside the gallery.

Setting up the Gallery

We’ve just moved into the gallery this week, working on makeshift tables and chairs as the furniture have yet to arrive. Have designed the namecards and flyers, and am now left with the brochure design. Currently, the gallery is not opened yet and therefore my working hours are pretty fixed, the usual 9-6 timing. However my boss has this brilliant idea that he wants the gallery to open when all the others are closed, so I’m afraid I might need to work till 9pm at night sometimes.

The first exhibition will be held in the mid of January and I am pretty excited about it. Mostly excited about the planning of a series of new workshops though. Will update on my ideas when i have something more concrete.

Nothing beats the comfort of sinking into the soft contours of my bed.

It’s been another long exhausting day. I woke up early to prepare some work stuff and then rushed to meet my mother and stepdad ( who came down to visit from Bangkok). Hurried down for the meeting after lunch, and then left the meeting to get to the gallery to meet the various contractors for quotations.

After done with the meeting, I then took another cab down to my parent’s hotel to meet them where we proceeded to a shopping mall after. Okay there’s more traveling here and there in summarise everything, I just managed to get home at 11pm. Prepared some stuff and now it’s almost 1am!!! And I got work at 9am!

In case you are wondering…YES! I am extremely exhausted now!

The pace at work is increasing rapidly. Basically we got to get most things ready by end October and therefore, it’s pretty much on an accelerated ride now. The team decided to name the gallery with a name I suggested! And I am really delighted about it!’s still a secret for now. I shall reveal it soon after I finish designing the marketing collateral and get the website up which I think, would probably require another two weeks.

Right now, I got the contractors for interior design of the gallery, air-conditioning, and hanging system. I just need the lighting contractor  and wooooolaaaa…….and the gallery will be ready for renovation!

Alright, I better head off to catch my sleep now. I need as much energy as I can for another long day tomorrow!

Catch you guys soon! And yesssss it’s midweek again!!!

It always seems like..when one door closes another opens.

Though now it seems like the one of the doors is swinging from side to side, still uncertain if it will close or remain opened. However good news is that the other door is opened and I have made a choice to walk through it.

And so, I met up with the boss of the job I’ve decided to take up and got myself on board the team 🙂

It had been a tough decision choosing between the both startups and also to give up options with the MNCs.

But as the saying goes,

” If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

I’ll only be starting work officially next week, however will mostly be on my own for the first month. The job opportunity is a pretty unique one. Basically I am required to set up a multi-usage art gallery from scratch with the other team members. I will get my hands from planning the gallery layout, liaising with contractors, planning the marketing and branding strategies, preparing the marketing collateral, etc..

I will provide more details as I get on with the job. Meanwhile now, I have yet to turn down the other job offer. The other boss is a really pleasant person as well (have good rapport with too) and I knew how keen she was to have me on her team. She was willing to up the salary offer and also give in to my request of regular salary/incentive review based on performance. And this start-up is a F&B (food and beverages) venture and therefore it is extremely applicable to my family business.

The decision was tough as I weighed both pros and cons of each option. I chose the art gallery finally because it will expose me to setting up a business from scratch and also give me the experience of marketing to a niche market of clienteles. The contacts and network that I will meet during my course of job might also come valuable to me in the future.

However meanwhile, I also find that there’s a high growth opportunity in the f&b business and I am rather confident that I can market it very well to its target market. Perhaps I might suggest to do freelance marketing for the lady boss,  it would be an extremely interesting project.

Just when I was starting to feel demoralised, the course of things started to turn out well. I can’t deny that I’ve been blessed indeed! 🙂

And I love this…

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.”

It’s 10.26pm and I finally get to grab my first meal of the day (unless you considered the packet of cocoa and 2 chinese siew mais I had in the afternoon as a meal). And so, I sitting at the edge of my bed with my cat, GMAT book, journal sprawled around me..typing and occasionally trying to scoop the noodles into my mouth. Alright I shan’t get into too much details.

My cat with his usual odd pose 🙂

My day started at 7.30am this morning which I spend collecting data for an interview in the afternoon. Then went to teach after my interview and proceeded to yoga class at 8.15pm.

I won’t bore you anymore with my ranting. Overall I am in a pleasant mood because I got a job offer from both today’s and yesterday’s interview :))

Okay lets’s get into the topic.

Starting a Career with a Start-up or MNC?

Let me share with you my career goals. My ultimate plan is to take over and expand my family’s f&b ( food&beverages) business, and also to start my own business. I will be totally honest here. The reason to why I am neither going into my family business or setting up my own business now is simply the lack of substantial hands-on experience and therefore leading to the lack of credible confidence.

After graduation, I came to realisation that being confident based on no concrete experience is like filling sand(hope) into a glass bottle. Possible but extremely fragile. Therefore I decided to take an en route, work for a couple of years and gain the skills and experience that I’ll need for my future.

However now boils down to what is the best type of job for me and people like me with the same ultimate career goal?

Time is short. Youth is something we all only possess once, therefore my aim is to learn as much as I can within these few years. (For your information, I am looking into a job in Marketing and Communications. )

Both of the job offers I received are from start-up companies (I haven’t applied to any MNC yet). Almost everyone I spoke to (aware of my goals), recommended working for startups or SMEs ( Small/Medium Enterprises) as one will get hand-ons experience on almost everything. The blogs I’ve been referencing online encourages people who wants to be entrepreneurs to work for start-ups as well, because that’s the place where one will gain the exposure. I also understand that one got to work much harder for much lesser pay/benefits for start ups as compared to bigger companies. I was extremely receptive to the idea and was taken aback when my current boyfriend,who is working for a MNC , disapproved strongly against it. From his personal experience and opinion, he thinks that one actually learn much from small firms but rather bigger established ones. He mentioned that you have more opportunities to prove yourself in a larger firm. It got me pretty wavered for a while.

Because I do personally feel that a start-up is going to equip me with the relevant skills to set up my own business in the future. It will expose me all the way down to the nitty gritty details which I doubt I will get exposed to in larger firms which already have everything up and running.

I have to agree though..working for a established firm will look better on the resume for one who is aiming to climb the corporate ladder.

Alright check these sites below. I was referencing them while doing my research on working for start-ups. I found them pretty useful and motivational.

1. Top 10 reasons to join a startup (as the title mentions…)

2. Advantages of working for a startup

3. So you really want to work for a startup. Really? ( Discuss about character traits one needs to work in a startup)

4. Are you thinking of working at a startup? (yes I am..That’s why I’m reading..haaa)

5. Who should you hire at start-ups ( what type of people is suitable for the job)

Alright so what’s your take on this? 🙂