I’m sitting by the river, watching the world go by. Sometimes I really cherish times like this; there’s a special kind of serenity when one is at peace with himself and all that around.

I had been so busy lately that I missed my favourite evenings and sunsets. I love it when the sky is still blue and bright yet the sunlight’s gentle to the eyes. I love how the sunrays filter softly through the gaps of leaves. I love the orange hue that casts over the sky. I love the whole harmony of the evenings. It never fails to remind me of the one above.

Sometimes it’s really easy to be contented. A moment like this is one of the simplest pleasures of life.

The ability to just be still…not rushing, be rushed, not anxious, not desperate, not sad, feeling nothing at all but peace, can be such a joy.

Let me enjoy this while I can 🙂