Seriously, I admire the discipline of how some people have the discipline to blog so often. To date, I think I have more drafts than published entries. I would type halfway and then just got stuck, unable to clearly express my thoughts. Saving whatever I’ve typed as a draft but would forget about it within the next couple of hours.

I have just returned from Europe. Spent two weeks touring- London, Rome, Venice, Florence and Paris. Pretty tight schedule but would say I had lots of fun especially when it comes to eating.No places beat Rome to have the best and reasonably priced pasta and pizza. Shopping is the best in Florence. While Paris definitely have the nicest night life. Perhaps I shall write in depth of my journey when I have time. Meanwhile I’ll just post one picture(favourite) that I’ve taken for each city I went.

I am still suffering for jetlag and finding it really hard to sleep, however by the end of this entry, I’ll be ready to get into slumber.






Okay I am still not sleepy yet but I’ll try to sleep…got work tomorrow so I can’t really afford to stay up the whole night:(